Wednesday, January 25, 2017

There's water and then there's water

I hit a wall this morning at swim squad.  Metaphorically, you understand.  I started three weeks ago, to remedy my God-awful swim pace in open water events.

A mate suggested I join a squad as he'd found it had been very effective in increasing both fitness and pace.

The first lesson was mortifying.  Beached whale hardly does it justice.  But I've got to the point where I'm not entirely embarrassing myself, until today.  Not sure what caused it but I just felt spent from the moment I got in the water.

I got to thinking about comparing pool swimming to open water swimming and I'm convinced sea water has curative properties.  The cold (here in Cape Town the temperature is somewhere between 8 deg C, or 46 F and a max, on a really balmy day, of 16 deg C, or 60 F.) also does something to you.

Whenever I've done a good swim in the ocean I feel invigorated, energised, and positive about life.

The pool with its black line and walls just can't hold a candle to cold water swimming.  In the ocean, for me, it's never about speed.  It's about drifting over kelp beds, encountering the odd seal or dolphin and even having the odd argument with a cloud of jellies.  It's not exaggerating to say I'd rather endure their stings than swim in a chlorinated puddle of engineered water.

But I do have to admit it's making a difference to my pace, so I will put up with it.  Thank you Brian and the squad at Green Point Gym!

That's the thing about swimmers.  Whether they're pool fish or wild fish or do a bit of both, swimmers are some of the coolest, most unassuming, authentic people you can meet.  And that makes all the difference!

I'm swimming Robben Island in April ,and I need to be ready for that!!

Fortis in arduis!

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